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Welcome to Troop 1131 in Burke, VA! We are chartered by St. Stephens United Methodist Church.

We strive to organize a traditional Boy Scout Troop to serve youth in our area and insure every Scout and Leader has "world-class" experiences in a physically and socially safe environment that reinforce the timeles values of Scouting.


Many Ways to Participate: Virtual, Distributed, In-Person...

Posted on Feb 21 2021 - 5:37pm

Remember, even though the VA governor is currently advising gatherings to be limited to 10 or fewer people, we are still planning outdoor events and there are several ways to participate.  Scouts can join us for small-group in-person activities, they can conduct the same activities at home with their family, or they can do these activities on their own or in small groups with a friend or neighbor and send us pictures of the tasks they accomplished.  As we conduct a distributed "Camp-In" activity, we will do our best to complete the same tasks, and ask Scout to check-in on a few videconference check-ins and to post photos on a shared album through Google photos.  You do not have to come in person to participate, especially if your family is not comfortable with gatherings right now.  The ONLY in-person option for February is the Saturday morning hike, everyone who is camping will be camping distributed from their home.  BUT... WE NEED ALL SCOUTS to sign up and let us know in the comments how they are participating.  For February's Cooking Camp-In Sign Up Here: https://burke1131.mytroop.us/node/3463 

Need "STUFF" from our Quartermaster for the Hike / February Cooking Camp-In?

Posted on Feb 21 2021 - 5:29pm
Troop, a message from your Quartermasters, Ryan Jones and Joey Adams, regarding equipment check out for the cooking distributed campout on February 26-28: Please send an email to request any equipment you need for next weekend to Ryan Jones at ryanwj@cox.net by this Monday night, February 22, for any troop equipment you need (such as a tent, or cooking equipment like a Patrol stove, an MSR-light trail stove, or a Dutch oven, etc.) and the Quartermasters will make arrangements to get the equipment to the scouts this coming week by Wednesday February 24.  On your email request, please copy Ryan Jones’ Father, Mr. Rick Jones, at Rickwjones@cox.net, and Joey Adams and his mother at Melissaadams70@hotmail.com 
- If you pitch a tent in your own yard or other location with your family (and sleep in it) during the Troop’s distributed February Cooking Camp-In, those nights count for BSA camping requirements, no matter where you pitch the tent.
- The Troop typically provides tents for the boys at a camp-out, during COVID we have chosen to sign-out a Troop tent to you to keep at your home for distributed events.  If you need a tent, you can sign out a 2-man tent from the Quartermasters by sending an email request to the Quartermasters.
- We have plenty of Patrol stoves (two-burner Colman-style propane stove), trail stoves (one burner folding trail stove that operates off of white-gas or canned butane - these stoves are for a more experienced scout and may still need adult supervision), dutch ovens (which can be used to cook on an open fire, or in your stove), as well as plenty of pots, pans, utensils, and other items. 


Raccoon Patrol - Saturday Hike Location Change!:

Posted on Feb 21 2021 - 4:52pm

Sorry for the change, but we are moving Raccoon Patrol's In-Person Hike location for this Saturday to avoid a $20/car fee, so all hikers can drop off for free. 

February Cooking Camp-In (FCC)

Posted on Feb 21 2021 - 4:50pm

Don't Forget to Sign Up for the February Cooking Camp-In (FCC) (SIGN-UP HERE: https://burke1131.mytroop.us/node/3463), and NOTE in the Comments if you will attend your Patrol's In-Person Hike or if you will conduct Family Hiking to maintain social distancing.  

February Monthly Outing: Distributed Campout

Posted on Feb 7 2021 - 10:31pm

For February's Troop 1131 Monthly Event we have an amazing event coming together.  Take a look at the initial itinerary (will be updated as planning continues) on the Troop Calendar to get an idea: https://burke1131.mytroop.us/node/3463. This event has been planned and designed by scouts - Jacob Boyett and Joey Adams (with some help from Mr. Neifeld), and is looking to be a very interesting and exciting weekend.  We will include an optional Patrol gathering (10 or less) for a day hike and some in-person activities (with each Patrol meeting at a different location) and the rest will be distributed with periodic check-ins and plenty of designated casual / informal time for scouts to have fun together.  More details will be shared at the upcoming meetings.  Please sign up, so we can plan around who will come.  

New PLC, Jan to June 2021

Posted on Jan 26 2021 - 8:19pm

Please find the new Patrol Leaders' Council posted here: https://burke1131.mytroop.us/system/files/Jan2021PLC.jpg 

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